About Me

I'm first year Machine Learning PhD student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I received my BS and MS degrees in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. James Hays. My research interest primarily lies in the intersection of computer vision and machine learning. I'm the organizer of the computer vision reading group at Georgia Tech.

Previously, I was a research intern and student researcher under Dr. Andrew Gallagher for the Perception team at Google AI, and a visiting student with the Autonomous Vision Group under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Geiger at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. I was also awarded the Marshall D. Williamson Fellowship during my Master's. Outside of school, my interests include traveling, tennis, violin, piano, and soccer.

  • CS
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Sports


  • Automatic Differentiation Variational Inference with Mixtures

    Warren R. Morningstar, Sharad M. Vikram, Cusuh Ham, Andrew G. Gallagher, Joshua V. Dillon

  • ContactDB: Analyzing and Predicting Grasp Contact via Thermal Imaging

    Samarth Brahmbhatt, Cusuh Ham, Charles C. Kemp, James Hays
    CVPR 2019 (oral)
    Project page | Blog post

  • Learning to Generate Textures on 3D Meshes

    Amit Raj, Cusuh Ham, Connelly Barnes, James Hays, Vladimir Kim, Jingwan Lu
    CVPR Deep Generative Models for 3D Understanding 2019 (best paper)
    Paper | Workshop page

  • Variational Image Inpainting

    Cusuh Ham*, Amit Raj*, Vincent Cartillier*, Irfan Essa
    NeurIPS Bayesian Deep Learning 2018
    Paper | Workshop page

  • Compositional Generation of Images

    Amit Raj*, Cusuh Ham*, Huda Alamri*, Vincent Cartillier*, Stefan Lee, James Hays
    NeurIPS Visually-Grounded Interaction and Language 2017
    Paper | Workshop page

  • The Sketchy Database: Learning to Retrieve Badly Drawn Bunnies

    Patsorn Sangkloy, Nathan Burnell, Cusuh Ham, James Hays
    SIGGRAPH 2016
    Project page | New Scientist article | Smithsonian article


  • Fall 2019: CS 4476 Computer Vision, head TA
  • Spring 2019: CS 6476 Computer Vision (OMS CS)
  • Fall 2018: CS 6476 Computer Vision, head TA
  • Spring 2018: CS 7476 Advanced Computer Vision
  • Fall 2017: CS 4476/6476 Computer Vision
  • Fall 2016: CS 4476/6476 Computer Vision